Friday, April 27, 2007 " was created when Mark Pearson, the company founder, set up a web site for his sister-in-law after she was hospitalized. Mark created the page because 'Mary' needed a way to communicate with friends and relatives without burdening herself or her close family. It became the main source of information, allowing Mary to spend less time responding to inquiries and more time recovering. Family and friends could get the latest update on her condition, see pictures of her, and get important contact information. The response was phenomenal.

When Mark began receiving requests from friends to set up pages for other people, he decided to create easy-to-use templates so patients could create their own.

Now, with, expecting parents can create web pages to keep family and friends updated on a pregnancy as well as show their new baby!

As grows, we are committed to providing users with simple, easy-to-use tools for creating personal web pages.

Technology is changing the way we communicate with family and friends and, now, staying in touch is easier than ever!"

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  1. is the most incredible and responsible use of the internet I have ever known. It offers every patient, their family and friends a free and easy way to communicate about illness during their most difficult time. Visitors can "check in" from all over the world 24/7 without intrusion. The best part is that these same visitors can leave messages for the patient which really help lift their spirits. It's an invaluable service!


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