Sunday, April 22, 2007

HealthNex: Independent Health Banks

HealthNex :Independent Health Banks : "The model of Independent Health Banks suggests that medical records will not be kept anymore by healthcare providers; rather they will be sustained for the entire lifetime of an individual by new players in the healthcare industry- 'Independent Health Records Banks' which will be (1) independent of healthcare providers / insurers / government-agencies and (2) regulated by new legislation.

The fundamental principle of the new legislation is that the copy of a medical record stored in such an EHR bank is the only medico-legal copy. The record is sustained objectively by an EHR bank and all authorized parties can have access to it. Such a bank acts as a custodian/trustee. Multiple competing banks will be established by private enterprises (once the appropriate legislation will be in place), much like financial banks.

Healthcare providers could reduce their costs of medical records archiving as this function will be carried out by the EHR banks. Insurers will support it as it will improve the quality of care their customers get. Privacy will be better protected as no global patient identifiers will be needed since a bank account number will be the only access key that the individual needs."

This is an interesting concept - and we may need this to overcome initial teething problems, to help patients overcome their fears about privacy and security.

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