Friday, April 27, 2007

Health care 2.0

Health care 2.0: "Despite the fact that the Internet is decades old and the Web is already into its adolescence, it seems at times that the health care industry has scarcely begun its online journey. Pens, paper pads and manila folders are still part of the daily activity in medical practice.

The industry is changing, but with so many practitioners still getting familiar with the first iteration of the Web, what will the world of Web 2.0 mean for them? What do blogs, podcasts, vodcasts, RSS feeds, wikis, Flickr, BitTorrent, folksonomies, Asynchronous JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language and other even stranger-sounding tools hold in store?

“In every focus group we’ve done, there’s been no conception from anyone of what Web 2.0 is,” said Eric Dishman, manager of Intel’s Proactive Health Strategic Research Project, a five-year-old program that’s looking for ways technology can help seniors take better care of their health at home. “But when you show them what can be done, they immediately understand its impact.”"

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