Monday, April 16, 2007

informing healthcare | Health Record Banks

informing healthcare | Health Record Banks"The solution is to empower each consumer to own and control an electronic copy of all their health records in a Health Record Bank. This health record bank would serve as the designated agent of the consumer to store and safeguard a complete copy of her medical records and make them available (in full or in part) solely as she directs. An institution is needed (as opposed to having each consumer hold their own records) to allow for worldwide immediate availability of health records coupled with ironclad computer security to protect privacy.

Whenever care is received, the prior records would be available (with consumer permission) from the health record bank, and the new information generated would be deposited in the consumer’s account. Each bank would have three standard transaction windows: withdrawal — for access to records, deposit — to accept new records, and search — to accept search requests from authorized medical researchers and public health authorities. There would be many competing health record banks, and each consumer would have an account at the bank of their choice."

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