Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Self service technology for patients

Self service technology for patients: "Within a few months of activating self-service kiosks—portable wireless devices that enable patients to verify their own registration information—the long lines at Newark Beth Israel have disappeared. Now, rather than wait to see a registration clerk who reads the information aloud, patients access their own records from one of 12 kiosks. They are offered in three of the hospital's busiest outpatient areas: cardiac cath lab, same-day surgery, and preadmission lab and radiology testing. If the patients spot an error, they highlight it and a clerk later corrects the information. If the information is correct, they move ahead for the procedure or test. 'We don't have any more big crowds in the waiting areas,' says Schittone."

This makes sense. Just like supermarkets allow customers to choose their own goods, thus replacing store clarks, this clever technology replaces the medical admission clerical staff, by allowing patients to DIY !

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