Friday, April 27, 2007

Teaching patients how to manage their health data

Teaching patients how to manage their health data: What we need.
"1. Personal content management tools -- to help people organize their personal information (and other information they've aggregated) their way, and identify who they will permit to access it under what circumstances ('permissioning')
2. Metadata tools (invisible to the user) -- to automatically reorganize this personal content for effective, permitted use by others
3 . Social networking applications -- to help people identify other people (inside and outside their organization) with particular expertise or shared interests, connect and collaborate with these people and with people in the individual's self-defined networks, via Simple Virtual Presence, browse and subscribe to others' permissioned personal content, and publish their own permissioned content."

The PHR would be the underpinning of this personal content. We then need develop these tools , so that patients can make intelligent use of their personal health data !

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