Monday, April 16, 2007

Letter to a Two-Year-Old: Baby's Days Out

Letter to a Two-Year-Old: Baby's Days Out: "Dear Abhishek, Happy Birthday! This is my third letter to you (2005 and 2006). As you turn two on April 19, it is once again time to reflect on the year that was and what's to come. [Here are some recent photos of Abhishek. ] It all culminated with you coming with me for the office picnic. That was in the last week of December. You stayed happily without your mother for an entire day. You didn't eat much - I just don't have the perseverance and patience that your mom has! But you managed quite well with the junk food I gave you. It was a great experience.It was a great experience. You grow up a little that day. And perhaps, so did I - as a father."

A reminder as to why "baby-lust" can be such a strong driving emotion - and why couples will move heaven and earth to have a baby !

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