Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why hospital charts should have a section for patients' notes

A hospital chart is meant to be a record of the patient's stay in the hospital. Ironically, there is no space in present hospital charts for recording the patient's views at all. I feel this is a major lacuna, which can easily be corrected. All hospital should have a separate chart for patient's notes, where patients ( and their relatives, visitors and friends) can be invited to enter their comments. Not only would this help to ensure that the chart is a much more accurate record of the central player in the hospital - the patient; but it would also help to minimise errors because of poor communication between the medical team and the patient; empower patients, so they feel more in control of their hospital stay; and serve as a very useful patient-feedback tool which can allow hospitals to improve their services.


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  2. That is REALLY an excellent idea! When my husband was hospitalized, I knew more about how he was doing than he was, since he was so drugged up he was incoherent. But sure enough when I left the room to eat or sleep, the doctors would come by at that moment. If I was able to leave a note as to how he was doing, that would have really helped.

  3. I beg to differ on the idea you put forward.
    Whatever is there on record is techical and medical ways of communications for the staff and associtated doctors.
    There is no way someone who is nucleus of the game can be allowed to run the perimeter of circle of the same nuclues.
    That way circle will keep moving here and there and leaving objectivity behind....submitting to subjectivety.

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