Sunday, October 09, 2005

Why doctors need to read more !

Doctors usually do read quite a bit - but it's mostly medical literature, to help them keep abreast of newer advances. I wish, on the other hand, that they would read books written by patients, which describe the patient's experience with doctors, hospitals and the healthcare system. Many of these books are written by writers, which means that they are a pleasure to read - and they provide an amazing insight into what goes on in the patient's mind. I am reading one right now called "Living Proof" - and I am sure it will help me to become a better doctor !


  1. You should read Dr.Joshua Horn about the doctor-patient relationship in China from is wonderful.All doctors should aspire for that.
    Also you should read "Doctor's Dialogue" issued from Calcutta BY Dr.Punyabrata Gun and others from the MCDSA and ex-members of Shaheed Hospital, Bhopal.
    The ideal doctor-patient relationship will be established when doctors stp entertaining big pharma, stop eating their lunches and getting gifts from them, and stop taking obscene amounts of money from patients ( upwards of Rs.35000 per month are the salary of amny doctors..this is shameful, considering an occupation concerned with care).
    In case you were wondering, yes, its a doctor, speaking.

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