Saturday, October 15, 2005

Management of health disasters and emergencies

The Kashmir earthquake relief efforts have once again highlighted the need for information on how to manage disasters when they occur. The WHO and PAHO have produced excellent educational materials on health disaster management.
Unfortunately, these printed materials are hard to find ; and since emergencies occur without warning, this information is usually not available when it can do the most good - at the time of the emergency !

The Humanity Development Library distributes this valuable content
on CD-ROMs, so that it can reach out to many more people all over the world, much more inexpensively.However, this also provides only a limited distribution network.

We have uploaded the full-text of five of these books on our website, at so that it is immediately available to any health worker anywhere in the world. This is a free service; and we do hope this will allow many more healthcare workers and doctors to access this invaluable information when they need it ! The internet is the ultimate repository of information, and we need to use it intelligently so that we can reach out to many more people in their time of need !

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