Saturday, October 29, 2005

Should I do acupuncture while doing IVF ?

I had a patient who wanted to know if she could take acupuncture treatment while doing her IVF cycle. While I am not convinced that acupuncture will help to improve her pregnancy rates, I did encourage her to do this, for the following reasons.
1. By making decisions for herself, she is more in control of her life. When going through an IVF cycle, patients often feel helpless and lost. By deciding to take acupuncture treatment, she has regained control of at least part of her treatment - and this is important for her.
2. Acupuncture treatment is very "hands-on". This way, she will feel pampered and well looked after; and this can only help in reducing her stress levels. Happier patients are better off and have better outcomes - and if this also helps to improve her chances of getting pregnant, so much the better !

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