Sunday, October 09, 2005

Free Online Medical Diagnosis by Symptoms

Free Online Medical Diagnosis by Symptoms
" The important thing to remember, is that understanding the underlying cause of your symptoms may be crucial. Education of patients about their symptoms improves the chance of obtaining the right diagnosis and obtaining prompt and correct treatment." This site allows you to make a short list of the possible diagnoses based on your symptoms. This can help you to help your doctor !


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  2. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I am just wondering why you would produce colostrum but not be pregnant please e-mail me at thankyou

  3. Anonymous12:23 AM

    I am a 45 year old generally healthy male. I started out with burning shinn pains 1 month ago. I now have severe aching in every joint in my body. It takes about 2 hours every morning just to walk as close to normal as possible. Now I am having discomfort in chest and shoulder blades (probably due to stress from the other pains). Been to the Dr and they are just doing blood tests. Any idea what might be going on?

  4. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I am 26 yr old female and I have been feeling very moody. And I have lower back pain and it hurts to have sex occasionally,and it seems like anytime I have something to drink I have to pee. It's about 2 1/2 weeks to my period could this be early signs of pregnancy or could there a another reason. i do have endormesrtios could this be causing this also please email me back at

  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I am a roughly average 12 year old boy and have been vomiting violently and excreting undigested food in liquid form do you know what this is and what may have caused it

  6. Anonymous4:20 PM

    hi im a 14 yr old girl and yesterday i hit my hand quite hard on a gate post, i am experiencing pain and discomfort andthere is a bulge on my hand with a mark where i hit it. my thumb and finger (next to thumb) are fine but my middle and rest of my fingers ache and when i move them it is painful. please let me know whts wrong. thanks

  7. Anonymous1:58 AM

    im an avrage 12 year old girl i have a huge lower chest rash and i dont know what is causing itcan any one help me please write back!!!

  8. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Hello, I recently started to become nauseous and dizzy and when it goes away I get a bad but not intolerable headache. I went to the doctor and he gave me amoxicillan and told me to take Claritan D but those arent helping and its been 3 weeks can anyone help please!!

  9. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I had a cold and now find it hard to breath in deeply, it feels as if im not getting enough air, and i keep coughing up green/yellow mucus. also i have a stabbing pain in my chest (Like inbetween two sides of ribs, basically the middle) which is worse when i breath deeply. also i keep getting short of breath. What is wrong with me? should i see a doctor because i dont know if it's serious!

  10. Anonymous9:36 PM

    my brother 18 yrs old is suffering from high grade fever on and off for the last six years. allhis test results are clear . some times his lymph nodes are enlaged but the biopsy showed no evidance of malagnancy.his blood culture shows no growthin 7days ao incubation, he has got mild spleenomagaly and the bone marrow and trephne biopsy shows pencytopenia and magaloblastic anemia.he has been given all most all types of antibiotics the most recent one being imepenem+cylicitine. his tempreture drops after antipyretic but then he begins to sweat and severe shivering and then the fever returns, he responds wounderfully well to steriod(decadron} no others being used.he becomes very anemic and the blood count drops his recent hb level being 6.3 which has improved after he was given decadron i.m. has been admitted many times to the hospital but so far there has been no diagnosis yet.
    the ham test shows nothing wrong and the retic count is 2.while serum ferritin is 1362.

  11. Anonymous5:00 PM

    i am a 17 yr. old girl who is having intolerable headache since two days with slight cough and temperature and pressure is normal, but i can't tolerate this headache anymore. please help..

  12. Anonymous2:17 AM

    hi i am 19 yrs old and have recently had deep feeling of sadness and despair. i cry at random times. please tell me what is rong with me.

  13. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Hey Im an athletic 18 year old girl. I play alot of sports and stuff and I work alot... i hate my job and Iv been really stressed. For a while now i have had trouble with dizziness and shakey hands i put it down to low blood sugar or iron...

    I have recently lost my apetite, had trouble with sleeping, neck and back pain... im allllways tired and grumpy.

    I have mood swings like extreme highs and lows. headaches shakey hands have got worse, im muddling up my reading sort of dislexic style.

    and finding it hard to write and spell properly sometimes. My whole body feels weak.

    Im having trouble with my short term memory and often repeat myself. Im also having trouble controlling emotions I get very depressed.

    i often just tune out completly.. I mix up my words when im talking alot. I often get ahead in my thinking and my mouth cant catch up.

    And if im speaking to someone i often start saying things i dont mean to

    I also have had trouble with bladder control.. I dont realise until the last second that i need to go lol.

    Is this a stress thing or something more... ?

  14. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Dear sir
    I am 29 years old guy who is facing this medical problem for last 5 years. whenever I eat fatty food, grams, dry fruit or anything which is hard to digest I feel feverish and lethargic with restless legs 10 to 15 minute after eating meal. And I like laying down with my eyes covered and head pressed against hard pillow. Though fever is low grade or negligible in thermometer (98.3-98.4) it builds up further if I don’t take my herbal medicine, which is quite helpful and I get a lot of relief with this medicine and avoiding heavy meal for few days. Problem reoccur after some days and become so severe that I am not able to perform my daily job and have to stay at home.
    I got my self tested with gastrologist of reputed hospital who performed various test like barium berimel, endoscopy, ultrasound, CT and various blood and urine test but failed to find any cause.
    Last year a doctor diagnosed PUJ stenosis on both kidney. He advised me to get myself scanned every six month as blood and urine sample showed no UT infection. This so far has showed no sign of infection after one six-month period RDS Scan.
    will be thankful to you if you help me diagnose this problem through your forum.

    Shailendra Lingwal
    Email :

  15. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Dear sir
    I am 29 years old guy who is facing this medical problem for last 5 years. whenever I eat fatty food, grams, dry fruit or anything which is hard to digest I feel feverish and lethargic with restless legs 10 to 15 minute after eating meal. And I like laying down with my eyes covered and head pressed against hard pillow. Though fever is low grade or negligible in thermometer (98.3-98.4) it builds up further if I don’t take my herbal medicine, which is quite helpful and I get a lot of relief with this medicine and avoiding heavy meal for few days. Problem reoccur after some days and become so severe that I am not able to perform my daily job and have to stay at home.
    I got my self tested with gastrologist of reputed hospital who performed various test like barium berimel, endoscopy, ultrasound, CT and various blood and urine test but failed to find any cause.
    Last year a doctor diagnosed PUJ stenosis on both kidney. He advised me to get myself scanned every six month as blood and urine sample showed no UT infection. This so far has showed no sign of infection after one six-month period RDS Scan.
    will be thankful to you if you help me diagnose this problem through your forum.

    Shailendra Lingwal
    Email :

  16. Anonymous8:24 AM

    i'm a 29 year old male... i work as a contractor... i noticed last night that my penis had a small spot that was swollen... and then this morning it seemed fine... at work today i used the restroom and noticed it was swollen even more and moved down to my ball sack... i don't have any pains of any kind... thanks

  17. Anonymous8:46 PM

    This is embarrasing but in the last few weeks i went on alday without urinatinig. when i do pee the leakege never stops, why is that.

  18. i am a 11 year old girl. i have bad excema is there a cure for excema.i want relief please help cure me or treat me. email me at

  19. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I am a 21 year old girl, i noticed during puberty that i was experiencing clumsiness, shaky hands and a slight stutter when i was nervous or rushed. I assumed, although my symptoms seemed worse than others my age, that these were normal puberty issues. Recently however, i have noticed additional symptoms which come and go including; mild headaches in the middle of my head, blurred vision when i turn my head quickly or tip it to the side, sensitivity to bright sunlight, increased occurance of the stutter and now difficulty at times to speak clearly (i tend to blend or miss sounds in words, my tongue almost feels like it becomes paralysed for a second or two), lack of concentration (i cannot seem to get out the words i am thinking of, like i know them but have forgotten them, and i forget things almost immediately after i hear them), i run into things and drop things (like i can't grasp them properly) and knock things over ALL the time, The shakiness in my hands has increased - they shake when i am trying to use them and get to the point where they are almost jerking, this also seems to affect my neck - my head will twitch either up and backwards or to a side depending what i am doing. I also have sort of blank moments when i seem to go into autopilot - it's like being asleep with your eyes open but i continue to do simple tasks (including driving) and am unaware of what is happening around me, i have only vague memories of what happens during these moments. There is one more thing - i have had a couple of episodes where i felt VERY hung over, like i have had a REALLY big party the night before and i have a "floaty" hazy feeling in my head - things seem to go in slow motion around me and i feel like i am also moving and speaking very slowly. I am concerned about these issues, and have seen a doctor who sent me to a Neurologist. The Neurologist has done some tests and thinks MS but hasn't made a diagnosis and says my symptoms are strange. I was wondering if i could get a second opinion?

  20. Anonymous6:31 AM

    I have Dermatomyositis, but the tests are coming back inactive, yet my syptoms are worse then ever. My joint/muscle pain/weakness is so severe that I can barely walk a single step, so I am wheel chair bound. My rhumatologist and other doctors say it is a pain syndrome, but if it is i need to know what kind/etc, but I do not think it is, as these symptoms are far too severe to be a pain syndrome. It is so bad that I cannot sleep at night and am completely miserable to the point i sometimes wish to die. This is not psycological, either, as I have had depression in the past, am on medications for it and it is taken care of, it is soly from the pain. My mother trusts me and knows this is real, but we need more oppinions, as I am only 12 years old and do not wish to spend my whole life a miserable cripple. Something is very wrong in this equasion, and I am begging that you please help us in any way you can. Thank you so much, Alexandra

    You may contact me at

    THANK YOU!!!

  21. Anonymous9:15 PM


    I have recently had a nasty bout of bronchitis and pleurisy during Jan and Feb. I have had a chest scan which is clear.

    I had a urine test and blood tests at the doctors to make sure that it wasnt the result of anything else. I have since been getting fever, sore throats on and off on a fortnightly basis. I read on the internet that collodium silver was good for bronchial infections.I bought some and I must say it eases the sypmtons off.My glands become raised underneath my neck and at the back.

    I have had a history of colds, I have raynauds disease and have had glandular fever in my early twenties. It really feels what I have now is similiar to how glandular fever was.

    My doctor stated that I would be more prone to colds etc. I took 3 sets of antibiotics.

    I get my energy back and then I seem to lose all my energy and feverish symptons keep cropping up.

    I have had undergone a series of changes and through emotional change so Im wondering if my immune system is impaired. Ive yet to go through more change. Its weird how change affects people differently. I do get anxious.

  22. Anonymous12:54 AM

    i am 23 years old and over the last 3 months i have been having very irragular periods. the first month it was only 2 days and only spotting, last month it was very heavy, now this month i have alot of clotting when i go pee but there is not much blood in the pad.I have had most of the symtoms of being pregnant. Should I be worried?

  23. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Hi there, I have been on Depo-Provera for almost 7 years as my chosen form of birth control. Since I began taking it, I have not had a period even once, which does not concern me whatsoever as that is a common side effect of Depo. However, out of no where last weekend, I began experiencing vaginal bleeding... I have treated it as a period and hoped that it would stop a week later but now it is going on 9 days and I am beginning to worry... Could this be a period or is there more for me to worry about here? What else could be causing this after 7 years of absent periods?

  24. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Hi, I'm 15 and have had a painless, about 2.5 cm bump on my female part, its been there for a few months and thats why i'm getting worried.
    im not sexually active.

    please help!

  25. Anonymous6:21 AM

    I am 14 year old girl, I started my period when i was 12 they stoped all of a sudden i have'nt had my perion in well over a year and a half. what is wrong. I went to the doctor and all the did was give me pills that made me start but after i stoped taking them my period never came back.
    I have no cramps
    I do bleed occasionally like one drop or two I find in my undies.
    please report back to me I am very worried

  26. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I am an average 11 year old boy. I have suffered from severe nasal congestion for around 3 and a half years, and are recently suffering from chronic sinusitis(about 2 months). I have no allergies. I have recently had a sweat test, but nothing was found. I also suffer from depression, and are on the medication Zoloft. I believe i have sleep apnea,(Yes, I know the chances of that are VERY slim) because I have all the symptoms of it, and it runs in my family. My nasal problems also run in my dad's side of the family, but none of them anywhere near as bad as this. I never sleep well at night, and always wake up tired. I have had a sleep test this month, and will get the results soon in July. I just want to see if an "outside source" might have the answer. If there is anything else you need to know or to tell me, email me at
    I will be eagerly awaiting your answer

  27. Hello sir, this is Saikumar from india and i want to know deca durabolin injection and the purpose of use, any side effects?.. will it be work for 18 or 19 years old boys and girls? Actually they are wanted to grow height atleast 2 to 4 inch, so is it work or not?

    Thanking you sir,

    Saikumar kota

  28. Anonymous9:20 AM

    my 16 months old baby is not walking or talking.she has constant fever.always clenching her fist and makes funny sounds with mouth at same time.head circumference is small.she she just started squinting her eyes.she doesnt add weight and quite small.her height is normal and facial features are normal.has low muscle tone.please doctor diagnose.

  29. hi, i'm a 16 year old girl, and last year some friends and i were going para sailing and while we were on the boat, we hit a wave that caused everyone to fly up into the air and when i came back down i landed extremely hard. immediately, there was this excruciating pain in my lumbar region, and for a few moments, i couldn't feel my legs. for two days after that, i couldn't bend over, or lean forward even a little bit. now, the pain is better, but every day, when i get up in the morning or do something that requires me to bend over, it hurts to straighten my spine. if i lay down on a flat surface, it's even worse, for a few minutes, but then the pain goes away. do you think i may have fractured my spine, or herniated it? please email me at thanks.

  30. Anonymous9:33 PM

    im a normal 15 year old girl and im not sure what this is but i have a small red lump near my anus and im not sure hat to do about it
    im embarressed to go to the doctors and also about telling my mum can you help diagnos this
    email me at this email address

    thank you

  31. Hi,
    About a month ago I got a new pair of bras, I had only been wearing them for like 2 days when I found a lump inside my right breast. It was only small (about the size of a marble) but it was very sore. The next day it was a lot bigger (about 3-4 times the size) and extremely painful. The whole day I was in a lot of pain. I showed my mum and she said that wait a few days to see if it went away (I you are thinking that I should have got it checked out, but my family are not big on going to the doctors, so um yeah!!!)
    The next day it was much better and it was only sore if I toughed it.
    Over the next few weeks it slowing got smaller (back to about what it started)
    Then just over the few days it seems to be getting slightly bigger, there is still no pain.
    It is a reasonably solid lump and is behind my nipple (or maybe a bit higher) at the back of my breast., and it moves around when I touch it.
    I thought maybe because I just got a new bra this might have had something to do with it (believe it or not I have just been wearing a training bra! This is my first ‘real’ bra.) Or it could be a total coincidence.
    Please could you tell me what you think this might be?

    Thanks very much for you time.

    Tioni, age 16.
    any addvice please email at:


  32. Anonymous8:36 PM

    i'm a 19 year old female

    I have a slight temperture ( 38.5)
    I have a headache ( at the back if that is any use)
    my eyes are sensitive to light.
    my muscles ache when i move.
    I have a stiff neck and back.
    if i sit still and don't move these syptoms fade, but the momment i move they come back.
    today i started to feel sick.

    I have been like this for 16 days.
    i have been to the doctors, he said it was swine flu, but i'm not sure if that is what is wrong with me.

    please could you tell me what you think this is?

    email at me at


  33. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Hi im a 17year old girl and i have a problem with toes, each of my toes are not the same colour and they have dark streaks on them, i am really concered with them and i dont know what to do, i almost feel like peeling my nails of my feet. please can you help me with this and give me the best advice.

    thank you

  34. Anonymous5:31 AM

    I've been having sex with my boyfriend for almost 9 months now, but after 2 months i started to get pains. I've gotten two yeast infections. It also hurts during intercourse and after on the outside. When ever i wipe around that area it hurts. There is also a pain on the inside from the friction. I'm now i don't make enough natural lubricant, but i just want to make sure that that is really why i'm getting these pains. After sex it hurts to urinate for the first time as well sometimes. What's wrong with me?

    please email me at

    Thank you

  35. Anonymous12:24 AM


    im 21 yrs old female..
    i am feelin vey low and think i am suffering with depression i find it hard to leave the house most mornings for work. alot of people say its just in my head but it is really affecting my life style. i suffer with really bad eczema for
    20 years.. mainly on my joints of my legs and my arms but am worried as it is moving up to my thighs and spreading over my arms.. i dont suffer with it on my face (thank god). some months my skin would be ok but coming into big weather changes it tends to get really bad.. i have been on every cream and been to see specialists.. i feel i cant go out with my friends and wear the clothes that i want to .. im always having to cover up!! :((
    i am quite a pretty girl and have alot of friends.. i have a boyfriend of 2 years and he knows about my condition only recently but took it quite well to my surprise.. but when we have sex i still cant leave the light on because im so embarresed.. he says he seen my legs when i was getting changed and they are not bad.. but i know he only trying to make me feel better!! please help or i feel he will have to leave me if this carries on.. email me plz much appreciation

  36. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Hello there , My name is Samantha.
    For the past two weeks ive has a virus infection flu.. Its been quite bad. i have had a rash of red blotchy spots formed over my hands, arms, chest, forehead, stomache and bottom of feet and legs. I thought this may be a cause to the flu/virus. But im coming over the worst of my flu now and i still have the rash.. will it ever go away because i am quite scared.. and also my skin is very dry aswel . Do i put any old cream on it ? or is there special cream. Please please help me.
    please respond to
    Thankyou so much

  37. Anonymous7:47 AM

    hi i am 16 male and i have been feeling really depressed lately iv felt like this for a couple of years but never had has this effect me in such a way that i cant think straight anymore i have been feeling like i just want to tell everyone to go away and that i dont want to deal with anyone anymore i just hate people now for some reason and i also have felt like doing nothing but staying home from school i dont like dealing with school anymore people or pretty much anything i could care less now i just want to move away and not ever see anyone again i dont talk to people as much and find it hard to trust anyone and i dont know if i really can i get really angry for no reasons now and get it out with working out but it just comes right back and i dont have anything else i can think of i have never felt so worthless to everyone i would like it if you would email me at thank you

  38. One biggest advantage of consulting with an online doctor is that you will receive immediate response regarding with the medical diagnosis you inquire. You can also saved up time and money since you don't have to wait and spend on gas.

  39. Hi, i'm a 17 year old male from the V.I. (Virgin Islands). For a few years now, i have been skinny, no matter how much or what i eat, i don't get fatter, at least not to a noticable degree, i've had a sweating problem, almost everytime i'm around in a crowd or when i hold someone's hand, i sweat, wether i'm nervous or not, and i've had a irregular heart beat, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I did some reasearching in the web, and the only thing that catches me is hyperthyroidism, i have a good few of the symptoms, but i don't know if some of them is just me and i have a big adam's apple, not a big thyroid gland ,i'm not sure if i even have hyperthyroidism. Is there any for sure way to test if i have hyperthyroidism? email me back at thank you. :)

  40. hi i have been trying to get pregnant since january and i thought i was this month for sure, i had a lot of symptoms, nausea, frequent urination, nipple and breast tenderness etc for like 3 weeks..and then i got my period, i didnt think it was at first cause it was really light but it lasted for 6 days like normal, but i havent always had normal period it used to be every other month til the last 3 months, i was just wondering if there is anyway to still be pregnant, how i will know and how to get pregnant faster?? i still feel pregnant, i just got off period and still feel bloated...

  41. Anonymous10:22 PM

    My 3 year old daughter has been seeing many specialists since she was about 4 months old. She has been diagnosed with nystagmus(including a head shake), central sleep apnea, hand tremors, and high blood pressure. She also had kidney reflux found at 18 months that had cleared itself within the year. Docs keep telling us they are not sure if these are all nerologically related to eachother. She has been through a lot of testing and still no answers. just wondering if you had any ideas.

  42. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Im a 14 year old girl suffering from a serious mental problem which we haven't named as of yet.

    I see people- one of my best friends is called Tee, she's very tall, has red hair and green eyes, and talks to me all the time.

    The sky talks to me, and the dragons in the sky, and all animals I look at, because I have the power to talk to animals. But I can't talk to people without confusing all my words in the wrong order.

    I hear many many voices in my head, and the voices control what I do. I don't. They do. They sometimes tell me to kill and to hurt others, so I hurt myself and try to kill myself instead in exchange.

    I feel very fragile, and when I'm talking to Tee, nobody else can see her. And I just fall down and curl up and talk to her because the world is against me. Everyone wants to hurt me because I have a special power to talk to animals.

    I hurt others because the voices talk to them using me. And I lash out if you talk to me.

    But I still feel very afraid of the voices, although they are my friends.

    This is not very detailed- I don't want to go into it fully..

    If you know what this is, email me.

    or .com

  43. Anonymous7:09 PM

    hi, i woke up this morning and i went to the bathroom i had a clot the size of at least 4 toonies, ive been going to my doctor for months telling him my clots, pain, and the amount of blood i lose in my cylce is getting alot worse, there are days where i can't get out of bed on my own, ive had blood tests, internal and external ultra sounds, x-rays and pap smears, if you can please help me that would mean alot to me im scared and don't know what else to do, thank you for your time

  44. Anonymous3:34 AM

    hlello, i am a 19 year old women and i am wondering if im pregnant. i get my periods every 5 weeks and 4 days. my last period was may 30th and i had sex two weeks later and two weeks after that both unprotected. my husband and i want a kid. i am suppose to get my period july 6th. i have been having mutiple symptoms of pregnancy: heartburn at night that causes an upset stomach and nausea, constipaction, very moody, bad gas, nausea when i smell newly made products that contain plastic, food cravings, frequent urination, pain around my hips, my breast are a little sore but nothing major, cramps that are a week and a half early, when i get up from laying down i get light headed and nausea, at night i cant sleep and i drool. contact me at

  45. Anonymous5:55 AM

    hi. im 17, and have been having pregnancy symptomes including: cramps, bloating, fatigue, headaches, back pain, nipple tenderness, and a week late period, but my periods are normal usually up until about three months ago i missed one month and it came the next. i went to the gyno in the last week and not only did they tell me i wasn't pregnant, but that i didn't have any STDs and my hormone leves were normal. i dont know whats going on with me, but i do know that i've read online that some females HCG levels rise much slower than others during pregnancy, resulting in them not knowing until they're about 6-10 weeks. please help me. i dont know whats wrong with me. email me please.

  46. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Hi, hoping someone out there can help me with my vast mixture of symptons. It started about five weeks ago when I had a random v large bruise appear on my left leg, I had not banged or damaged the leg to my knowledge. Ever since then I have been getting all sorts if odd symptons, some stay and some go, but generally tend to wake up and find different things wrong each day but other symptons have passed. My main symptons are a headache that has been with me for about three and bad neck ache. Also find feet and arms quite weak, pins and needles in my feet and hand, feel like cold water keeps dripping on my leg, sharp stabbing pains in my ear, what feels like arthritis in my hand joints, generally feel quite run down and tired. I could go on, I have had three sets of blood tests done all came back satisfactory/good and xray done on my neck which was also fine. The last time I saw a doctor, last week I was told it just stemmed from tense neck muscle, she gave me some exercises and that was it. I was told that the pains in my knuckles and jointS were not related I must of just banged them!! Helpful, does anybody else have any ideas because I am not convinced of my diagnosis.

    I am a 29 year old mail and my email is

    Many thanks for your time.

  47. Madeline Voss8:24 AM

    Hi my name is maddy, an I will be turn ing 13 in October. I tries out for a play and got the lead role. There is slot of loud and intense singing. And about a week later, I had trouble swallowing all my food thy day, and choked on about everything. My throat only feels a little soar in the mornings. At first, I thought my vocal cords where just swollen, but today I was eating pizza, and when I tried to swallow, it went to the back of my throat like normal, but nothing happend and It just sat there and I started choking. Now I can eat or drink anything because I can't swallow. It is as if my throat is paralyzed! I can't even swollow my own saliva because I choke, so u suck it out with a suction hose. I don't no what's wrong and I'm getting scared! Please help! Email me at....

  48. Anonymous3:11 AM

    My breasts are tender, around the nipple it looks bruised, but I have had no accident that would cause this. The areola seems to have white spots on it which also lead to the nipple. What could it be?

  49. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl. since a few days, i have been eating less and i feel full quickly. Also i am feeling blue. Is it depression or will it go away with time?

  50. Anonymous9:17 AM

    hi I'm trying to figure out if im pregnant or not.I'm 17,I had intercourse on July 16th. had somewhat of a period the first week of august and had heavy vaginal bleeding for about 3 days the last week of august. It's the last week of september and i'm spotting. I also noticed by belly getting bigger and during the time of the vaginal bleeding my right nipple hurt alot and i noticed a red sore, i also have alot of cramping.

  51. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Hi I am a 33 yr old female. In 2007 I began having extreme stomach pain which soon lead to vomiting. After 3 months of seeing dr after dr and getting nowhere, I was admitted to a hospital with a kidney infection that did not actually exist. The problem eventually went away on its own only to return every month at least day since. In 2010 I was hospitilized again for uncontrollable vomiting. After 14 days and numerous tests all coming back normal they accidently spooted my gallbladder working at only 12%. Naturally they took it out and sent me home the next day. In the last year these very painful instances have greatly increased to where I am now visiting a emergency rom 3-4 times a month or more. It hurts to move, to breathe. When I eat it causes instant pain and by morning the next day I vomit it all back up. Several doctors have all run deifferent test and everything keeps coming back normal. I will have extreme hot and cold flashes but never accompanied by a fever. The vomiting usually starts a day or two after the pain and only gets worse. I am having a hrad time trying to get anyone to look beyond the normal tests. Is there anything else I can do? I am willig to try anything to fix my tummy!

  52. Anonymous12:51 PM

    hi im jess and i need help ive been fainting constantly for the past few days very dizzy vision blacks out. i got tests done came out normal but this is clearly not normal. heart pains lots., and eyes move fast contact me on kik or email its jessicalovesu11 and please i nee help and answers


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