Thursday, October 06, 2005

Patient Education - Can You Know Too Much?

How to use patient education in positive ways

To be a partner in your own health care and be able to use patient education in a positive way:

# Always give full details of the symptoms you are experiencing when you consult with your doctor.

# Learn about your disease or medical condition. Patient education will help you understand the decisions and direction your doctor offers.

# Learn about treatment options and medications. Patient education regarding treatments and medications will inform you about the expected benefits, and help you recognize possible side effects and adverse events.

# Discuss all issues and concerns openly with your doctor. Your doctor is most effective if all pertinent information is disclosed. Your medical history is as valuable a diagnostic tool as a newly ordered test.

# Present your doctor with all of your questions. Don't make the mistake of thinking you know an answer before discussing a specific concern with your doctor. Don't leave your doctor's office with unanswered questions.

# Be a compliant patient. Recognize that you and your doctor are indeed a team working towards the same goal - managing your medical condition.

# Be honest. Your doctor can only work with the facts. If you didn't take your prescribed medication as directed, don't pretend you did."

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