Friday, April 16, 2021

The commonest reason for IVF failure


The commonest reason for IVF Failure is poor quality embryos , and the commonest reason for poor quality embryos is a poor quality IVF lab.

 The trouble is that patients aren't even aware that their embryos are of poor quality - and this is one of IVF’s  dirty little secrets today - that most IVF clinics in India aren’t capable of creating good quality embryos. They hide this fact by refusing to share information with patients , by hiding the medical records , and not providing photographs of theirembryos to patients.

They do not want to provide tangible documentary evidence of their incompetence – and what makes my blood boil is that they can get away with this arrogance and incompetence because patients aren’t assertive enough to demand their legal rights , and ask for their own medical records ! They have a legal right to these, and it’s illegal on the doctor’s part to hide these, but IVF doctors can merrily continue getting away with cheating patients on a regular basis , because patients are so poorly informed, and they trust their doctors blindly. This can be an expensive error !

When the IVF cycle fails, instead of accepting responsibility for this , the IVF doctor adds insult to injury by blaming the failure on the patient’s poor egg quality , or a thin uterine lining – “facts’ they cook up after the fact, to save their own skin !

The poor patient doesn't know any better , and is forced to accept whatever explanation the IVF clinic gives for the failed implantation. This is why they get taken for a ride .

Even worse, this kind of malpractice harms the reputation of all IVF clinics , because once a patient has burnt their fingers at one IVF clinic , they are very reluctant to trust any other IVF doctor , or take treatment from any other IVF clinic , no matter how good it is .

They have had one bad experience already , and they aren't sophisticated enough to be able to differentiate between a good IVF Clinic and a bad IVF clinic !

This is why you need to do your homework in advance, before starting your IVF cycle !


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