Thursday, April 22, 2021

How IVF clinics fool patients by transferring dead embryos

 A patient who had just failed an IVF cycle asked me for a second opinion

I asked her to share the photos of her embryos, and this is what she emailed me

These embryos are clearly dead. The cells are dead , dark and necrotic. It has arrested and is not going to develop any further.

The thawing process has killed the blastocyst, perhaps because the embryologist was not skilled enough to freeze embryos well.

However, instead of telling the patient the truth, the doctor lied, and transferred these dead blastocysts back to the uterus, in order to make money.

And IVF doctors can get away with this kind of malpractice because patients don't know enough to be able to ask questions.

At least this doctor shared embryo photos.

The vast majority of IVF clinics don't even bother to do this !

This is why many patients continue to suffer from failed IVF cycles

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