Monday, April 05, 2021

Poorly informed IVF patients attract bad IVF doctors

Many IVF patients will blame the doctor when their IVF cycle fails .

When I  out point to them that their quality of medical care was poor because the doctor did not even bother to provide them with photos of their embryos, they behave as victims , saying - My doctor cheated me and took me for a ride !

Patients don't want to hear the truth ,because they suffer from the problem of cognitive dissonance . They have already invested a large amount of time and money and energy on a particular doctor , and want to continue with him, because of the powerful forces of inertia.

They don’t want to be told the truth that the doctor was bad , because this reflects poorly on their ability to select a good doctor !

This is why they continue following the bad advice which the bad doctor gives .

This makes no sense to me .

When you learn that you are in the wrong hands and the doctor is taking advantage of your ignorance , why would you continue allowing him to exploit you ?

Bad doctors love poorly informed patients - someone who doesn't bother to ask questions , doesn't bother doing any research , and doesn't bother to take a second opinion , even though there is so much at stake .

It’s can be dangerous to blindly obey everything your doctor says.

If you are lucky enough to find a good doctor , you are fine, but what happens if you don't find a good doctor ?

The reality is there are far more bad IVF doctors than good IVF doctors , and you just can't afford to be passive and leave everything up to the doctor .

It’s important that you be assertive and proactive , so that you can hold your doctor answerable and accountable .

Good doctor are happy when they have good patients , because they know exactly what they're doing and why they are doing it .

The only thing in the doctors control is the IVF process , and not the outcome .

If you are upset and angry and bitter about the fact that your doctor has taken you for a ride please don't continue wasting more time and money and energy in a bad IVF clinic .

Please cut your losses , and find a better doctor.

Don't allow a bad doctor to take advantage of your gullibility - this can be an expensive error

Yes, this does involve a more work , but the fact that you have already been through a failed IVF cycle means you are now much smarter than before you started it , so take advantage of this hard-earned experience !

Better late than never  !


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