Friday, April 16, 2021

Bad reporting by IVF clinics when doing a semen analysis - how labs cheat patients


This is a great example of the bad reporting which many IVF clinics resort to , in order to increase their work load.

This semen analysis report looks very official because it has been computer printed , and the man is told he has 0% normal forms. This is  labelled teratozoospermia, and the doctor has now diagnosed him as having male factor infertility, and advised IVF/ICSI treatment.

This is very profitable for the IVF clinic, but there is a very high probability that the lab has fudged the figures, because the technician has not bothered to stain the sperm to study their morphology properly. If he had, then the lab would have given an image of the slide of stained sperm, so this could have been verified independently. Staining sperm and studying their morphology take a lot of time and expertise, and most technicians do not have this capability. The fact that this is missing suggests that the technician has been sloppy, and has given a report which is wrong and misleading. Sadly, there is no concept of Quality Control in Indian labs, and they can get away with mis-reporting, because patients are ignorant and clueless, and there is no regulation.

Please don't allow IVF clinics to cheat you !


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