Saturday, December 26, 2020

When infertile couples are too tired to have baby making sex


One of the elephants in the room is that many infertile couples in modern metropolises are childless not because they have a medical problem , but because they just don't have the energy to be able to have sex at the right time . They are so busy and stressed out that they don’t have any energy left by the time they come home at night. All they want to do is eat, watch TV and flop into bed and sleep – and then they are forced to start the grind again the next day.

They can’t find either the time, energy or desire to have sex – and the problem is compounded when both partners are working ! The only time they can plan sex is on the weekends – but this is the time they have to do their weekly shores and perform their social obligations. Even worse, the wife’s “fertile time”  won’t always conveniently fall on the weekend either !

Here are four simple solutions you can use to overcome this problem.

1.       Have a quickie in the morning. You often have an early morning erection , and you can shower together , to set the mood . Plus, it’s a great way to stat the day !

2.       Use a lubricant such as liquid paraffin, which is sperm friendly.

3.       Use sexual toys to add spice back in your sex life

4.       Watch films which turn you on to get you in the mood.

Finally, remember that going to a doctor for medical treatment is expensive ! If you can seduce your wife, you'll save a lot of money, so hopefully that will incentivize you !

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