Friday, December 25, 2020

What if everything you thought you knew about IVF is wrong ? The truth about IVF

 We're very happy to treat patients who know a lot about IVF, which is why we prescribe so much information therapy on our website . Our videos and IVF comic book are designed to educate and empower patients, so they understand more about IVF.

One of the problems is that when patients who have failed an IVF cycle in another clinic come to us, they often feel that they know a lot about IVF , because they've already done IVF treatment in the past.

The problem is that a lot of the things they think they know about IVF are wrong !

This is because their IVF doctor has never bothered to educate them , or explain the technical and medical details to them. Most doctors do a lot of unnecessary tests , and overtreat patients with unproven experimental approaches. Our approach is very different. It's much more simplified , more down-to-, earth and much more practical. We are frugal, and don't do unnecessary tests. We don't make patients waste money, and try to educate patients so they know exactly what to expect. We explain to them in advance what the right way of doing things is , and we share a written treatment plan well in advance , so there aren’t any surprises .

They are in control because they have been told exactly what's going to happen , and when and why. We also document everything we do , including giving photographs of embryos routinely to all our patients. This way, patients are in control of their cycle, and this gives them considerable peace of mind.

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