Thursday, December 31, 2020

IVF Tales IVF doctors spin - how IVF patients can protect themselves from being taken for a ride

IVF doctors often take their IVF patients for a ride when the IVF cycle fails.

They do this because they're not very medically competent  themselves, but refuse to share the truth about their lack of experience and expertise with the patient . They protect themselves by spinning all kinds of stories and take advantage of the patient's vulnerability and ignorance.

They get away with this because patients don't bother to arm themselves with Information Therapy , and because they continue to trust doctors blindly , they believe everything the doctor says .

The doctor transfers the blame to the patient by cooking up all kinds of fanciful explanations as to why the cycle failed. They cloak this in impenetrable medical jargon, to hide the truth. For example, they claim that the high level sperm DNA fragmentation resulted in poor quality embryos; or that the “uterus was hostile”; or that the patient has “latent genital TB”. 

By blaming the patient for the IVF failure , they make matters even worse for the poor patient. Infertile patients have low self-esteem , and after the IVF failure , their self-esteem becomes even worse. The reality is that the reason the IVF cycle fails is because it was done in a poor quality clinic which couldn't create good quality embryos, ,but doctors refuse to be honest about this, and hide the truth by refusing to share embryo photos with the patient.

They then try to sell even more expensive treatment options, such as donor egg IVF and surrogacy, from which they can earn more money, even though these aren't the right treatment for the patient.

Rather than give up all hope and continue blaming themselves for their bad luck, all IVF patients need to do to get pregnant is to find a doctor who tells them the truth - a better doctor , who is transparent, open, answerable, accountable and respectful, rather than one who continues to lie to them.

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