Tuesday, December 15, 2020

How IVF doctors add to the IVF patient's stress levels

A good doctor is supposed to reduce the patient’s stress levels by providing them with reassurance but many IVF doctors end up increasing the patient’s stress . They put all kind of onerous conditions on them - that they need strict bed rest after embryo transfer ; they need to change their diet ; they need to stop going to work . All these prohibitions make a bad situation even worse , because lying in bed all day long makes the back hurt, and they feel powerless and helpless. Also, an idle mind is the Devil's workshop , and they keep on thinking negative thoughts when they are confined to bed. Their mind starts playing games with them , and if they fail to get pregnant , the doctor blame them for the failure by saying that the “embryo fell out” because they didn't take complete bed rest .

This is absolutely false and completely rubbish, but patients are emotionally vulnerable, and will accept everything their doctor tells them because they don’t know any better. Doctors compound the problem by refusing to be open and transparent when the cycle fails .

They transfer the blame to the patient by cooking up all kinds of fanciful explanations as to why the cycle failed, and cloak this in impenetrable medical jargon, to hide the truth. For example, they claim that the sperm count wasn’t good ; or there were many abnormal sperm forms; or the “uterus was hostile”.

By blaming the patient for the IVF failure , they make matters even worse for them. Infertile patients have low self-esteem , and after the IVF failure , their self-esteem becomes even worse. The reality is that the reason the IVF cycle fails is because it was done in a poor quality clinic which couldn't create good quality embryos, ,but doctors refuse to be honest about this, and hide the truth by refusing to share embryo photos with the patient.

 Don’t allow your doctor to take you for a ride. The best way to protect yourself is by investing in information therapy, so you know what is right , and can judge whether what your doctor is saying makes any logical sense or not.

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