Tuesday, December 22, 2020

We take pride in how much our patients know about IVF


In our clinic , we take pride in our knowledge of IVF - not just in how much we know about IVF , but in how much our patients know about IVF .

You might wonder why that matters . After all, we are the medical specialists , and we are doing the treatment, so what difference does it make whether a patient understands what's going on or not?

The reason I think this is important is because IVF outcomes are always uncertain and unpredictable , and the pregnancy rate is never going to be a 100%. This is why patients need to understand the processes , so they have peace of mind that they've received high quality medical care.

No matter what the final outcome , they should never feel that they got a raw deal , or received poor quality medical care.

Patients need to take the path of least regret , and the more they know about the medical details of IVF treatment , the better they can ensure that their IVF doctor is doing exactly what’s right for them, by following global good practices , and doing things by the book .

However, if you don’t know what global best practices are, how will you be able to judge the competence, skills and expertise of the IVF doctor.

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