Thursday, December 10, 2020

Testicular Rejuvenation Therapy for Treating Azoospermia because of testicular failure

The ability of IVF specialists to fool their patients continues to boggle my mind. One of the most frustrating unsolved problems in reproductive medicine is that of primary testicular failure . The man has azoospermia ( zerosperm count) because his testes do not work properly. Spermatogenesis ( sperm production) is impaired, and we do not know why and cannot do anything about this.

There have been many experiments with in vitro spermatogenesis, where researchers have tried to create sperm from sperm precursors (spermatogonia and spermatocytes) in the laboratory , but none of these have worked . These patients are understandably desperate, and there are plenty of quacks, homeopaths and ayurvedic doctors who will offer all kinds of treatments to fix their problem. The sad truth is that none of these work.

Today, IVF specialists have also joined the bandwagon , by offering “ stem cell injections “ into the testes for a colourfully named treatment called “ testicular rejuvenation therapy “. This is a big scam , and is just a way of making money from vulnerable patients .

Sadly, the ICMR , which is meant to regulate IVF clinics and stem cell therapy has chosen to turn a blind eye to this abuse.

These clinics are smart, and because they know that stem cell treatment is regulated, they continue doing it by using clever alternative names such as PRP ( plasma rich in platelets) , which is not regulated .

What they describe in their ads and their official marketing materials is very different from what they sell to emotionally vulnerable patients in their clinic. They also cleverly use "scientific research papers" published in poor quality medical journals ( which they pay to publish) to give them an aura of scientific respectability.

Because patients are desperate, they refuse to listen to the truth , and are happy to clutch at straws . They end up wasting their time and money , andend up poorer and wiser. The problem is that these dodgy clinics damage the reputation of the medical profession by making these tall claims, and increase the trust deficit between doctors and patients.

If you want to ensure you don’t get taken for a ride,please arm yourself with Information Therapy.

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