Friday, September 18, 2020

Why you don’t always need to go to a doctor to make a baby

Most couples can happily make babies in their bedroom. While this is true for about ninety percent of the couples who are fertile, unfortunately, there will be a minority who are not able to get pregnant on their own.
For example, they could have sexual dysfunction such as vaginismus or erectile dysfunction , and this can be frustrating , because they know that this is a simple hurdle to solve , but don't know what to do about it .
It can be quite embarrassing , frustrating and expensive to go to a doctor to fix this issue. It would be so much easier, kinder and better if you can do this in the privacy of your own bedroom !
The good news is we now provide you with the Malpani Baby insemination kit so you can solve your problem for yourself.
Think of it as being able to perform Baby-Making Sex , without the inconvenience and expense of having to go to a doctor ! This can be empowering because you can now take control, and are no longer dependent on the doctor.

We look forward to helping you to have a baby !

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