Thursday, September 24, 2020

What infertile couples need to do to make the right decisions for themselves

One of the hardest things about infertility treatment is making the right decisions.

Indian patients expect their doctors to make medical decisions for them . After all , doctors are medical experts , and that’s what they charge their professional fees for – to give their opinion. Most patients aren't sure they know enough to be able to make the right decision for themselves, which is why they would much rather outsource it.

Many Indian doctors are happy to be paternalistic and to make these decisions for patients , because they think patients aren’t able to make such complex decisions for themselves.

However, mature doctors understand that human reproduction is a very personal and a private affair, and there is no one single right answer for every couple.

This is why they ask their patients for their inputs . However, patients are often not confident enough to speak up . And sometimes some of them wonder why the doctor is asking them their opinion - after all , isn't the doctor supposed to tell them what to do !

This creates even more tension in the room, leaving both patients and doctors unhappy and dis-satisfied.

 Now, making decisions depends on both finding out the right facts, as well as listening to your feelings. For learning more about infertility and your treatment options, please go to There’s a wealth of updated, reliable, authentic, trustworthy medical information created by IVF specialists, and written for patients. These facts will also allow you to ask your doctor more intelligent and pointed questions.

 However, as far as listening to your feelings goes, that's something which only you can do for yourself. Yes, this is complex, partly because you've never had to make such difficult decisions in the past, and partly because this is not a decision you can make in isolation . You also need to think about your spouse's opinion, and get buy in from the rest of the family , especially for decisions such as adoption, which you may not have the freedom to make by yourself.

 Having said all this, please remember you're not the first couple in the world who is being confronted with this problem. Other people have dealt with it successfully , and your chances of being able to do so are excellent as well.

Please don't get disheartened ! Finding an empathetic doctor ; talking to friends and family members ; and a therapist or counselor can help you sort out your options , so you make a decision which you're at peace with . Remember you're going to have to live with the consequences of this decision for the rest of your life, so please use your head, your heart, your soul and your guts when deciding.

 There is no wrong decision – you just need to find the one you are comfortable with !


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