Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Malpani Baby Making Kit is designed by IVF specialists to help you to have a baby !


The reason the Malpani Baby Self Insemination Kit is very thoughtfully designed is because it consists of exactly the same medical grade equipment we use in our IVF laboratory when we do IVF .

This is what makes the Malpani Baby Kit so special – and this is why it’s such great value for money.

Some users get intimidated when using it for the first time, because everything seems so strange and new , but the reality is that it’s surprisingly easy to use.

The instructions we provide are comprehensive, and our kit is packed with thoughtful products to make your life easier, such as individually packed sperm friendly lubricants in test tubes, in case you have difficulty producing a sample on demand .

Our sterile jars for semen collection have a very wide mouth , which means it's much easier for you to be able to collect a semen sample , without any spillage, rather than trying to collect your precious sperm in a narrow glass bottle, which most probably is dirty , and will kill all the sperms.

You can buy the kit online at

We look forward to helping you to have a baby !

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