Thursday, September 17, 2020

Why the Malpani Baby Insemination Kit is such great value

I was very interested to see the Mosie Baby website and the Mosie Baby Self Insemination Kit they sell. This contains two self insemination syringes , and a single semen collection cup , so couples can do a self insemination for themselves as home. They designed this based on their personal experience with having a baby, and wanted to help other infertile couples based on what they had learnt.

What I find interesting is we been selling a similar self insemination  kit for much longer ! However, we never branded it or marketed it so cleverly, and we need to fix this problem !

Ours is far better , because we provide three sterile disposable broad mouthed medical grade containers for semen collection – exactly the ones we use in the IVF lab. It is far safer and better to use a new container for every semen sample, rather than try to reuse a container by washing it. Water is sperm-unfriendly, and soap / detergent kills sperm.

 Also, our product is far better designed, because instead of using syringes for doing the insemination ( not something which syringes were designed to do, which is why when a doctor does an insemination, they use a plastic sterile disposable catheter with it), we provide sterile disposable medical grade Pasteur Pipettes. These are much easier to use, and are specifically designed to handle semen samples . This is exactly the same product our embryologist uses in the IVF lab when handling your semen.

Also, because we provide 3 Pasteur Pipettes in each kit, you can do more inseminations in a single cycle , and this increases your chances of getting pregnant . Also, we are much less expensive – our cost is about one third the cost  of the Mosie Baby Kit !

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