Saturday, September 19, 2020

Taking back control ! Self Insemination Baby Making Kits for women with vaginismus

One of the problems of being infertile because of vaginismus is that women can’t stop thinking of themselves as failures . They can't even do such a simple thing like making a baby in their bedroom - something which millions of women have been doing since time immemorial !

This can be hard to come to terms with - specially for many young successful professional career women who are so used to getting everything they want in life. They are smart; they do well in exams; they get the job which they want ; and marry the husband they want to. Then when they find that they can't get a baby, their self-esteem takes a big toss , and they start wondering whether they are good for anything at all. 

This can create an existential crisis, because this is the first  time in their life they are being forced to come to terms with their own biological frailty – that not everything is in their control.

The good news is that the Malpani Baby Making Kit now gives them back control, so they can resolve this problem for themselves, in the privacy and comfort of their own bedroom

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