Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Mosie Baby Kit vs Malpani Baby Kit for Home Insemination

 I was very happy to see the Mosie Baby website , where they sell the Mosie Baby Kit for doing a self insemination at home. The reason I liked it is because it's been thoughtfully designed by an infertile couple , who have used it for themselves .
It’s packed with a lot of information , which will be very useful for patients who are doing home inseminations to have a baby.
We have been selling a Home Insemination DIY Kit for many years, and are now going to re-name our boringly named Self-Insemination Kit ( what else did you expect a doctor to call this ?) as the Malpani Baby Kit.
The good news is our kit offers much better value for money !
Not only is it much less expensive than the Mosie Baby Kit, it is better designed , because instead of using a syringe for doing the insemination , we use the exact same sterile disposable non-toxic plastic pipettes which we use in the IVF lab for handling sperm samples.
These are medical grade products, and by using these , your chances of getting pregnant at home increase considerably !
We look forward to helping you to have a baby !

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