Friday, June 26, 2020

Want to start your IVF treatment now ? Please contact us !

Are you frustrated that your IVF clinic has still not resumed doing IVF cycles ? That they are refusing to treat patients because of this Coronavirus epidemic ?

We have good news for you !

Because we are an Boutique IVF clinic which does only IVF treatment, we have started treating patients and can offer you safe and effective treatment. You don't have to worry about getting infected because we do only IVF treatment, and don’t treat any patients who have the Coronavirus.

This allows us to safeguard you – and us as well !

Instead of wasting precious time waiting for this Coronavirus to end – and God only knows when this will happen, please feel free to contact us , and we'll be happy to start your IVF cycle as quickly as you want to get started !

The good news is you get highly personalized attention at our clinic, and we are proud of the fact that the quality of medical care we provide is as good as any IVF clinic anywhere in the world !

Please feel free to reach out for us for a free email consultation. Email me your rec

Please email me your medical records at [email protected] so I can analyse these and provide you with the best medical advice !

This is my personal email id and all information is confidential. 

You can also call the clinic at 9867441589 . This is our whatsapp number !

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