Sunday, June 14, 2020

How Work from home will help make IVF treatment easier for infertile women

One of the impacts of the Coronavirus epidemic has been the reality that most people don't need to go to work daily ! Many executives can work effectively from home.

This is great news for women who want to plan their families, and not sacrifice having a baby at the altar of their career.

One of the problems with working in a high pressure corporate job was that when you wanted to have a baby and needed to take IVF treatment, it was very hard to take leave.

You had to get all kinds of permissions, and you had to explain to your boss why you were going to be absent.

Many managers were very reluctant to give this permission , because they felt that it would detract from your work, and affect their productivity.

Also, many women were reluctant to ask. They wanted to keep their infertility issue private and confidential, and weren’t comfortable sharing this with HR !

Also, they were worried that this absence would affect their chances of getting promoted, which is why they had to choose between  either sacrificing their career, or putting their baby-making plans on hold – at the cost of their fertility .

However, now that working from home is going to become mainstream, a lot of women can have their cake and eat it too !

They can plan their life the way they want to - and this flexibility is very helpful, because biology is no longer the sole determinant of your fertility !

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