Sunday, July 12, 2020

Infertility treatment at home !

Many infertile couples are getting increasingly frustrated because of the lock down .

They can’t continue with their treatment because infertility clinics are closed. While ours is open, they can’t come to our clinic because of the Lockdown. Also, they are worried they may get COVID-19, because hospitals are hot-beds of the Coronavirus, and they want to avoid them.

Everyone has been hopeful that the Lockdown will get over next week - or next month – but there seems to be no signs of it ending !

The good news is that we have a treatment option for you – you can treat yourself at home using our Self-Insemination Treatment Kit !

This is extremely helpful , especially if you suffer from a problem of either unexplained infertility , or sexual dysfunction ( where you have difficulty with introducing the sperm in the vagina. )

This method is called self insemination , and you can buy the self insemination kit from us , and we can courier this to you.

This will allow you to increase your chances of getting pregnant at home , without seeking medical intervention , so that you could have a baby without waiting for the Lockdown to get over !

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