Thursday, June 11, 2020

IVF patients, the Lockdown and patience

The one thing IVF patients learn is patience !

No matter what you do, you seem to have to keep on waiting !

You have to wait for your cycle to start.

You have to wait till you find the right doctor.

You have to find a clinic which offer s a high success rate.

You have to plan your finances.

You have to convince your family members.

You have to take leave from work.

Because there are so many balls you need to juggle, you need a lot of patience !

And even when you do start the treatment, you need patience because you don't know whether the cycle is going to work or not.

And even  if the cycle works and you get pregnant, you still need patience because it's still another nine months to go before you actually have a baby.

This is why IVF patients, because they're so fed up of being patient, start becoming extremely impatient, !

This is especially true during the lockdown , which has forced them to wait , because of something which is outside their control. They had plans to start IVF, and they weren't able to execute them – and this can cause major heartburn !

The good news is that we have resumed our clinic and have started treating IVF patients !

We look forward to helping you to have a baby !

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