Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Price vs Value for IVF patients

Most IVF patients want the cheapest possible IVF treatment.

They naively assume that all IVF doctors are equally good, and that success rates are high in all IVF clinics. They are basically looking for a bargain, which is why they go doctor-shopping , and hunt for the cheapest IVF clinic.

Doctors are smart, and many  IVF clinics take advantage of this bargain hunting mentality of ignorant patients, who can’t look beyond the price.

They buy full page ads, and sponsored slots on TV talk shows. Their focus is on highlighting how affordable and cheap they are. They also offer all kinds of bargains and discounts to pure patient in, because they know that once the patient has started a treatment cycle, they cannot back out and are trapped.

Please remember that someone needs to pay for these expensive ads – and you are the sucker !

These ads are very misleading , because they lure patients in by quoting a low sticker price , and then add all kinds of add-ons once the treatment has started.

Smart patients don’t focus on only the price, but try to assess the value the clinic offers. This depends on the success rate of the clinic and how well they will take care of you, so please don't get fooled !

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