Wednesday, June 17, 2020

How IVF doctors buy fame !

Patients are often not sure which IVF clinic to choose.

This is an expensive decision, and they know a lot depends on it.

Most of them naively assume that all IVF clinics are equally good. This is why they will select one using the following criteria:

  1. the nearest one;
  2. the cheapest one;
  3. the one their GP refers them to;
  4. the one their friend has told them about;
  5. the one which advertises;
  6. the one which offers free medical camps for infertile couples
Many select a clinic based on its brand name – what they think of as a famous and renowned clinic.

Sadly, the truth is a lot of these clinics purchase their renown – they don’t earn it because of their professional expertise !

They do this either by buying advertisements; or buying editorial space in newspapers, by hiring a PR agency, which ensures that their press releases are published in the media.

Today, unfortunately, everything in India - especially the media and the news - whether it's a TV channel or a newspaper - is up for sale.

This means that IVF clinics whose only focus is on making money will actually spend a lot of money on these activities, because it helps them to attract more patients.

The ethical doctors who take pride in their professional skills refuse to stoop to these low levels, which means they depend purely on their patient’s goodwill and word of mouth to attract more patients. This is a much slower process !

Corporate IVF clinics hire full time PR agents to make sure that their doctors keep on appearing on TV channels as well as newspapers. And the poor patients get fooled ! They are featured not because they’re good but  because they're paying for being featured !

What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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