Friday, May 03, 2019

Why IVF patients should make their own choices

Not all of medicine is black or white , and there are lots of gray zone areas, especially in IVF.
This is why it's so important for patients to express their preferences, and for doctors to respect these.
Thus, many IVF patients have fibroids, which are a very common finding in young fertile women as well. Now most fibroids are in the wall of the uterus, and because they don't affect fertility, good doctors are happy to leave them alone. On the other hand, there are also aggressive doctors , who want patients to have these fibroids removed, and this means patients are often confused as to what to do !
This is why they often come to us for a second and third opinion, and we try to be as non-directive as possible. We explain the pros and the cons of the surgery; explain to them what our philosophy is; and then allow them to select for themselves.
The problem is that when a doctor respectfully offers choices , patients get confused. They feel, " Why can't the doctor tell me what to do? Didn't I pay him for his opinion ? Isn't he the expert ? Isn't making a decision his job ? Does this mean the doctor's clueless because he is confused? Is he really a medical expert if he is so unsure ? After all, if he can't decide, I'm just a patient - how will I be able to decide ? "
Actually, when a doctor allow you to make a choice this means he respects you, and he's empowering you ! It's only when both  the choices are equally good ( equipoised) from a medical point of view will the doctor leave the decision upto you ! You should step up and exercise your preference , so you can do what gives you peace of mind !
Good doctors won't tell you what to do - but they won't let you make the wrong choice   either !

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