Sunday, May 12, 2019

Should you use donor eggs to have a baby ?

IVF  patients need to be very careful when making decisions , because some of these can be life changing.
If you are older and have poor ovarian reserve,  should you use donor eggs or try with your own? You need to take your time before you finalize what you want to do.
You need to listen to your head; your heart; your gut; and get second opinions before pulling the trigger. You have to explore all your options , and do a lot of soul searching, so you have peace of mind you made the right decision.
The most important thing is you need to make your own decision for yourself.
You just can't let a doctor make this for you - and neither can your husband , mother or mother-in-law ! You can listen to all their inputs, but the final call has to be yours . It's a challenging decision , and you have to take a leap of faith that you will be able to do what is right for you and for your baby .
Remember that it's your life , and you have equally difficult decisions before - after all, you are an adult !
You have the capability of making the right decision for yourself, provided you don't outsource it to anyone else , and do the deep thinking needed, so that you never have any regrets later on !

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