Tuesday, May 07, 2019

What we still do not know about IVF treatment

IVF success rates have improved dramatically in the past few years,  because the technology has become progressively better.
However, one thing IVF teaches doctors very quickly is a lot of humility. This is because we still have no way of being able to predict what is going to happen to an individual egg; an individual embryo; and an individual patient.
While we know that about 40% of eggs will become blastocysts in a young woman, we cannot predict which egg will develop into a blast, and which will arrest, even though they look identical at the time of retrieval.
Similarly, we cannot predict which will blastocyst will implant; and whether or not a patient will get pregnant in that particular cycle.
This uncertainty can be frustrating - both for patients and for doctors, because patients expect definitive outcomes. They want a baby, since they have paid so much for their treatment !
Sadly, this is still something which we can provide, because the process of embryo implantation is not in our control.
All we can do is try and educate patients , so they have realistic expectations, rather than give them false hopes and lure them into signing up for treatment by making tall claims !
Well informed patients are better able to cope with the IVF emotional roller-coaster ride. More importantly , they have peace of mind that they were given top quality medical treatment, no matter what the final outcome!

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