Monday, May 13, 2019

What IVF patients need to achieve success !

When we transfer a top-quality blastocyst, patients are obviously very hopeful that they're going to get pregnant. So are doctors, because we're human beings. We want all our patients to get pregnant so that they can refer other patients to us as well.
However, when the blastocyst does not implant, this causes a lot of heartache and heartburn. 
Patients are naturally upset, and they can't understand why the cycle failed. But the reality is doctor can't understand why the cycle failed, either, because we cannot control the process of implantation. This is something we need to come to terms with.
Patients would love scientific explanations for why it didn't implant. The reality is we can't provide these. Because patients demand them, then doctors do all kinds of unnecessary additional tests, which are very profitable for the doctor to do, such as ERA and PGS, but it doesn't really help change the outcomes at all.
I remind patients sometimes all they need is a little more patience and a little bit more luck until, finally, one of the blastocysts becomes a baby.

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