Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Failed Implantation is the rule in human reproduction !

One of the most frustrating problems in IVF today is recurrent implantation failure. This is the medical terms used to describe the distressingly common scenario when top quality embryos don't become babies , cycle after cycle.
This upsets patients as well as doctors !
Doctors are very hopeful and optimistic ( as are patients) when we transfer a top quality blastocyst into a receptive endometrium, because everything seems medically perfect.
However, then the embryos stubbornly refuse to implant, the patient naturally gets upset , and starts wondering whether the doctor did something wrong - or pressurise the doctor to do something new and different the next time. Often, doctors are happy to accede to their requests, because they can charge more for doing expensive new tests, which use the latest technology, but are unproven and unreliable , because they have not stood the test of time.
Patients need to remember that implantation is still a biological black box , and that failed implantation in fact is the norm as far as human reproduction is concerned !
Don't forget that every cycle a fertile couple has sex and doesn't get pregnant, this means that the embryo has failed to implant ! ( After all, if they are fertile, this means the  sperm must be fertilising the egg in the fallopian tube, and an embryo must be being formed. However, this embryo doesn't become a baby, because human  reproduction is very inefficient. Most embryos have genetic abnormalities - whether are formed in vitro or in vivo , and this is why they don't implant .
Once you understand how common embryo implantation failure is in vivo ( in the bedroom) , you'll understand why it's so common in vitro as well.

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