Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing IVF at Malpani Infertility Clinic:

There are lots of IVF clinics in India today and patients have lots of choices.  Should they go to the one closest to them?  Should they go to the one that is the most expensive?  Should they go to the one which is cheapest?  Or the one which advertises the most? 

One of the commonest questions patients ask us is at the first consultation is - Why should we come to you?  What makes Malpani Infertility Clinic any better or any worse than other clinics ?   This is a very valid question - after all, the chances of IVF success do depend on selecting the best IVF
clinic !

Now every IVF clinic thinks they are the best, and so do we, but I start off first by listing the disadvantages of coming to us, so they are aware there is a downside to our services - after all, everything in life is a mixed blessing.  Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of coming to us is that we are at a single location , which means we are only present in our single clinic in Colaba in Mumbai . This means that if patients want to take treatment from us,  they have to come to us - we won't be coming to their town to treat them.  Another issue is that we are expensive - perhaps not the most expensive clinic, but one of the pricier IVF clinics.

In one sense though, both of these are actually advantages.  The fact that we are in a single location means we are here all the time . We don't have to travel to other places , which means that when the patient comes here, the patient is confident they will find us here.  This is the reason why our care is so personalised; there are only two doctors in our clinic, Dr Anjali and me; and just one Embryologist, Dr Sai. All our care is very hands-on, and because we have chosen not to employ any assistants we do everything one on one ourselves. This way patients have the advantage of all the accumulated years of experience which the three of us have together. This allows us to use all this expertise to maximise your  chances of getting pregnant . We think is this far better for the patient, as compared to other IVF doctor who run around and have five different clinics , because they are trying to treat as many patients as possible. 

Patients do have complaints about us - after all, I don't think it's possible to keep everyone happy all the time. This means that while it's true that there are some patients for whom we are not the right IVF clinic, for educated, well-informed patients who have perhaps failed an IVF cycle elsewhere, and who want to take treatment in a clinic which will provide personalised, hands-on care, we are a good choice . Our patients know that they'll be able to talk to us every single time they come here - and that I respond to all my emails personally and quickly We have a high success rate , and we take pride in the fact that we can deal efficiently with challenging patients who have failed IVF cycles elsewhere.

We take pride in treating our patients as intelligent adults, and we respect your personal preferences and choice.

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