Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Healthwise Infertility Decision Aid

Infertility causes a lot of distress, but it's often hard for infertile couples to know when to seek medical treatment. It's much more fun to make a baby in the bedroom, so most are quite happy to continue trying, month after month, in the hope that things will fall into place naturally.

However, as the woman gets older, her fertility declines, and everything in life comes back , except for time.  This is the one thing you cannot afford to waste ! While you don't need to start panicking if you are not pregnant in a few months, you also can't afford to be laid back and leave everything upto Mother Nature.

There is always a right time to get tested, and a lot of this will also depend upon your personal preferences. The Healthwise Infertility Decision Aid will help you make the right decision !

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