Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How can I find an IVF doctor I can trust ?

I received an email from a distressed patient. " Doctor, I have already failed three IVF cycles and don't know what to do next. Who can I trust ? How do I know whether one IVF doctor is any better or worse than the other ? They all say they have the latest technology, they all have very similar websites, and they all claim extremely high success rates . It's very hard for me to know who’s good and who’s bad ?"  

Yes, this is true, but the fact remains that because there is so much at stake, it’s very important that patients not just gift their trust to any Dr Tom, Dr Dick or Dr Harry, just because he has a MD
degree ! In  fact, it's even more important for patient to do their homework and verify and counter-check, before making such an important decision.  Costs can vary widely, and not every expensive IVF clinic is good - and neither is every low cost IVF clinic bad. You need to be able to trust your IVF doctor , but your doctor needs to earn  your trust.   You need to verify the doctor’s claims - trust is too valuable to be given away without checking whether the doctor deserves it or not.

Of course, this involves a certain amount of effort on your part , because you need to do some digging , background checking and some homework . It's only  when you've done this homework, will you be able to differentiate what makes one doctor better than another . Armed with this information , you can then ask the doctor intelligent questions , so that you can then select the doctor who’s right for you.  It can be a challenging exercise, but please don't underestimate your ability to do so.  You are smart , and there is lots of information available online about IVF
treatment .

You need to use both your head and your heart when making this decision. You need to consider both the quality of the facilities which the doctor offers, as well as your gut feel when you talk to the doctor.  What vibes do you get from the clinic ? Is the chemistry between you and the doctor good ? Does this doctor seem to care about his patients ?  Is he open and willing to share information ?  Will he provide me with a shoulder to cry on?  It's hard to know what will happen when push comes to shove , but you need to trust your intuition.

Just like you do your due diligence when buying a car or deciding which movie you want to watch, you need to use the same kind of process when selecting an IVF clinic.

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