Saturday, April 11, 2015

Is IVF treatment at Malpani Clinic expensive ?

One of the common complaints patients have about Malpani Infertility Clinic is that we are expensive.  It can be hard to argue with this perception - after all, how does one decide what the right price for IVF is ?

One way of estimating the "correct cost", and judging whether we are expensive or not, is by comparing our charges with those of other IVF clinics . It's true that we do charge more than some clinics, but then it's equally true that we charge less than others ! What's the right number ? What should patients use as a yard stick ?

I feel that it's not fair to look at just the costs , and then complain about how much we charge . We are open and transparent about our costs, and we charge what we tell the patient we are going to charge. This means that the patient is aware of the cost she is going to incur when she does the IVF treatment at our clinic , and she should really have no complaints when this is the amount she has to pay . This is why we share our charges and costs with patients , and we publish this on our website as well, so that there are no surprises afterwards.  This is also why we offer total package costs , which are all inclusive , and which cover the entire procedure, so there are no unpleasant add-ons or surprises afterwards.

Because this information is on our website in black and white ( unlike most other IVF websites, which are very coy about their fees),  patients who take the trouble to read this know exactly what is going to happen ; how much they are going to have to spend ; and when they need to pay.

Yes, IVF treatment can be expensive, but a baby can be priceless , and our focus is on giving our patients cost effective treatment , to maximise their chances of having a baby.  Our focus is not on trying to reduce our costs by cutting corners , but to cleverly  use the right technology , which will help us to produce good quality embryos , to improve the chances of our patients having a baby.

One of the reasons IVF treatment is expensive is because everything we use is imported and disposable ( use-and-throw), and these costs need to be incurred in order to provide high quality care. 

We also take pride in not employing any assistants, so that the care we offer is very personalised and hands-on.

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