Monday, April 06, 2015

How to choose an IVF doctor - an IVF patient's perspective

This is a guest post from an expert patient

I thought we just needed a slight push to conceive, so like many others, I chose the clinic closest to home in the US, based on a few success stories personally known to me and chose the doctor based on online reviews and availability. The second cycle- I chose a doctor on the other side of the world and based on a lot more research and consultation visits.

What changed?

The IVF cycle in the US was run of the mill. Unexplained infertility. Get on the pill till doc says, lots of tests for self and husband, test blood on day 1, routine blood and ultrasounds, 3 IUIs, IVFs- standard meds for all and keep doing it till you get positive.

During 2 years of procedures I saw the doctor only on IVF procedure days and each cycle had over 10 visits to the clinic. The nurse assistant or technicians did everything else. Even a positive HCG test call was not made by the doctor but by the nurse. Till I went through the ‘no heartbeat’ that was acceptable , but after that I needed more than a procedure- I had questions that needed answering, support and honesty- not someone who was just milking my insurance. I don't want to complain, but it would have been nice if the IVF doctor had been more available.

In India too, I met a few doctors. And the first doctor was worse than the US doc.

You had a D&C and no period for 2 months = Asherman’s syndrome!
Difficulty with implantation = Uterine TB?
Pain with period = endometriosis ?

That doctor threw out disease names and diagnostic tests as I sat there- which to a hypochondriac like me, who was already troubled, felt very frightening. I didn’t need a diagnosis, I needed treatment!

Dr. Malpani was very no-nonsense. An attitude that sat well with me from the start. He understood where I came from and part of me understood that he ‘got’ me. He tested my knowledge occasionally and challenged me with reading material. He answered all my emails promptly and all my questions thoroughly. No question was too stupid, no concern too small. He guided firmly and suggested therapeutic remedies that seem to work most days. I’m happy I got a positive test with him and I do hope that this one is the baby I’ve been waiting for.

So, what would I look for in a doctor ? A  good reputed clinic, great success rates, honesty and promptness in doctor and no nonsense attitude and support through this very difficult journey…

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