Thursday, April 09, 2015

Complaints about assembly line IVF clinic

In order to increase their business, some IVF clinics in India take out full-page ads in the newspapers ( even though advertising is unethical and illegal according to the Medical Council of India). These ads are very attractive, and they promise the moon to infertile couples.

This IVF clinic offers all kinds of sweetheart deals - at a rock bottom price. It's very tempting for patients to check out the IVF clinic so they can have a baby ! After all, why waste your heard-earned money if an IVF clinic is willing to do IVF for you at a 50% discount. And the fact that they can take out a full page ad must mean they are rich and successful,correct ?

These ads are targeted at the poor , who are extremely gullible. They do not even understand the difference between an ad and an article, and believe that the fact that they read this in a newspaper must mean that it is legitimate , trustworthy and reliable.

Sadly, the treatment they offer is of poor quality. One of my patients told me - Dr Malpani, the IVF clinic is a like a railway station - they do over 1000 IVF cycles every month ! There is no personalisation of care; no privacy; very little quality control; and the documentation is pathetic.

Of course, the fact that they are flourishing means they they are providing a much needed service. However, this does not justify cheating patients, or not conforming to basic medical standards, just because the treatment is cheap. They are quite unethical, and will often use donor eggs, donor sperm and donor embryos to maximise the patient's chances of success, without even bothering to inform the patients about what they are doing.

I am happy that they are making IVF services more affordable, which means that even poor couples can consider trying IVF treatment . However , cutting corners is a dangerous game to play, and this can end up damaging the reputation of all IVF clinics in India.

IVF patients need to complain when they receive poor care - but because the patients who go to this clinic are so poor and powerless , they will never do so , which means the clinic will continue to get away with murder !

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