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What every infertile couple needs to know

If you are trying to have a baby, it can be extremely difficult to figure out whose advice you should be paying heed to. If you are one of those people that like to source the internet for information, you are sure to be thoroughly confused by now. You will find one site that tells you a certain thing, while another will tell you a completely different one and a third will mention something that neither has even talked about. So when you want to know more about IVF , how do you tell fact from fiction?

Some Pointers

We get a lot of infertile patients who wonder what they are doing wrong , or whether there is something wrong with their body. Though tests will provide us with more specific information, here are some things that you should be aware of. 

•    Don’t Wait Till the ‘Baby Boat’ Leaves- One of the most common things we hear from patients is – “I wish I hadn’t waited for such a long time”.  A lot of women, especially the ones who are very focused on their career,  spend a large part of their twenties making every attempt to avoid getting pregnant. They forget that there will be a decline in their fertility rates by the time they are in their 30’s and as they transition into their 40’s, it drops dramatically. So, don’t postpone that visit to your doctor , or you might just miss the baby boat

•    The Second Time around is Not Always Easy- Most people do not realize that secondary infertility is quite common. Couples that have had no difficulty with having a first child may never in their wildest dreams have thought that they will not be able to conceive a second one. The truth is that fertility levels can change over time and a successful first pregnancy is not an indication that you will be able to conceive again

•    A Long Road- Some people are pretty quick with their decision to start on a family, but little do they realize that for some couples, the road to a baby can be long and arduous. No one suspects they will have difficulty conceiving, so this can come as a rude shock. Today, more than ever, a larger number of couples are being plagued by fertility issues- many of which are lifestyle related. In many of these cases, assisted conception might eventually be the answer for these couples

•    Understand your Body- If you have been on the pill for a very long time it can take some months for you to get your cycle back onto the right track

•    Take a Break- There are times when your head can actually get in the way. Stresses can be caused by a number of factors and sometimes, just taking a break from work, or your fertility treatment helps to reenergize you.

A Journey All Your Own

Do not forget that every person’s journey is different. Each patient that comes to us has a very unique set of medical conditions and circumstances and so the path to parenthood also takes different forms. It’s good to talk with others who have gone through IVF, hear how they struggled , dealt with frustration and pain and finally made it- these IVF success stories give you strength, insight and hope. For many, conception is not as easy as they thought it would be , and when you opt for IVF or adoption, know that regardless of how your children come to you, you are still parents.

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