Friday, March 27, 2015

Embryo adoption - a success story !

Patricia underwent IVF at Dr Malpani's clinic in Mumbai, in January 2010. As she was already post-menopausal at the time, she could not provide her own eggs, so used an embryo created from an egg and sperm provided by Indian donors.
Patricia says she was not concerned about having a child who would be a different race to her.
'There are lots of benefits of having IVF in India,' she said. 'The clinic is very modern, very clean and well run and it is very successful. Women in their seventies have been able to have children.

'I always felt I had a lot of love still to give. I'd encourage other women in my position to investigate this as a possibility for having the family they want'
'It is considerably cheaper than having embryo transfer in the U.S. I paid $8,000 for treatment in India, compared to $23,500 in America.'

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