Friday, March 06, 2015

My ideal IVF patient

Every IVF doctor has a different idea of what the ideal patient would be . For lots of doctors , the perfect patient would be one who is doing her first IVF cycle; who is young; and has unexplained infertility.  This is the dream IVF patient, who has a very high chance of getting pregnant ( which is why lots of doctors will advise IVF for these patients, even though they don’t really need it, to boost their IVF success rates).

While we enjoy treating these patients, for us the ideal IVF patient is one who provides us with more medical challenges ! Our ideal patient is paradoxically someone who has failed an IVF cycle at another clinic, and is looking for a better IVF clinic to improve her chances of success.

It’s not that we are competitive and like succeeding whether others have failed ! The reason we prefer these patients is because they are usually very well-informed , which means that it’s a pleasure to treat them. Typically, most patients know very little IVF during their first IVF cycle. They naively believe that they will get pregnant, and are happy to leave everything upto the doctor. However, the experiential learning during an IVF cycle can be phenomenal. They learn a lot during their first IVF cycle , and they then do lots of homework in case their cycle fails, in order to improve their chances of success for their next cycle. They are much more cautious, and very choosy when selecting an IVF clinic for their next cycle.

Because they are much better informed , they keep us also on our toes, which means we learn a lot from them . They have far more realistic expectations from IVF treatment, which means they are much more appreciative of the high quality care we provide them, which is special because it is completely hands-on,  personalized , open and transparent . We make sure our patients understand exactly what we’re doing and why we're doing it , and this is what makes us much better than other IVF clinics .

It’s the interaction between an expert patient and doctor which makes medical practice so exciting , and being a doctor is fun when you have a patient who appreciates the hard work and effort you're putting into trying to help her to have a baby. This is the type of patient who understands the importance of following high quality IVF processes; and who knows that the outcome of an IVF cycle is outside anyone’s control . While they are understandably ecstatic when the cycle succeeds, even if the cycle does fail, they are still happy with us, because they appreciate that we provided them with high quality medical care.

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