Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The best place to have a baby - indeed !

Here's a heart warming success story from one of our patients.

We got married really young in April 2006. At an age of 23 and 21 as husband and wife; having a baby is the last thing you are thinking about. Coming from a big – really BIG Marwadi Joint family.. the pressure of having a baby was immense right  from our  very first anniversary. But both me and my hubby were sure of what we want from life – and when! So we let 4 yrs pass by like a honeymoon.

( I always knew I had PCOS – but was well aware that people still do conceive naturally )
In 2011 – after 5 yrs reality started hitting us! We had had unprotected relationship for almost a year – and there was no sign of pregnancy! We immediately got in touch with one of the best infertility specialists in South Mumbai. The only background check we had of her was – shes very very experienced, senior, old, worked very well for my in-laws, cousins, extended families etc – NOTE: all who had natural pregnancies and consulted her as a gynaec!

•    We went through 4 follicle cycles with her. The pressure started building like crazy.
•    We were then suggested a laparoscopy/ hysteroscopy – results all clear and we wondered what was going wrong.
•    Next in line was – a cycle of IUI – which was undertaken by her assistant – and totally fruitless.
•    Have to mention that all those several meetings with the Doc – required us to wait in her clinic for a minimum of 2 hrs and maximum of 4 hours. And while we waited – we spotted several other couples with a file of IUI or IVF in their hands. In the beginning we didn't want to discuss our stories or details of the current treatment – but slowly as we started talking to others waiting in the queue we realized we were all sailing in the same boat of IMMENSE ANXIETY, PRESSURE, FRUSTRATION, FAILURE and all those things that will NEVER work in your favor of conceiving a baby!
•    Then the doc suggested that a minimum of 3 or 4 IUI is considered practical before we jump in for the big buck of IVF!

THAT'S IT! We knew this was not going to work anymore! It all seemed like a Money Making Racket! Or a super professional system of mentally torturing couples!  We decided to take a break for a few months.

We went through a phase of severe depression! Being married for 6 years, having consulted and following up with the so called best infertility specialist in town for almost 2 years, watching all our friends who got married after us – pop babies out one after the other – None of this was easy! I remember spending nights simply sobbing in my husband’s arms!

In the middle of all this mess – one of our cousins suggested we should consult Dr. Malpani for his opinion on the case. We immediately took an appointment and the beautiful journey began!

We were amazed to see his clinic so warm and welcoming with the cutest baby pictures adorning the walls. No long queues, no waiting for hours. Within 15 mins we were inside his cabin – speaking directly to Dr. Aniruddha Malpani. Within just 25 mins of the conversation and looking at our previous test reports – he told us very surely and confidently that it is IVF that we need! And there’s no scope/ need / reason to go through any other treatment. He made us extremely comfortable. He insisted on reading and gaining our own knowledge instead of blindly following any doctor’s advice. I have to admit – we were outright Impressed! Suddenly all the pressure and stress seemed to get diluted! We still weren’t sure if we will finally have our baby – but were very sure that we were at the right place with the right doctor!

December 2013 we met him – Jan 2014 my Father passed away – March 2014 our IVF cycle started – April 2014 – I was PREGNANT! December 2014 – we gave birth to the most beautiful girl ever!!
I can never forget how prompt Dr. Malpani was over the phone calls and over the emails. All our doubts were taken care of very nicely. Even his medicine prescriptions were detailed ones – with printed sheets telling you what each of those medicines are prescribed for. I almost mistook him for a friend my age – when he called to check how I was post the embryo transfer. 

The nurses at his clinic took care of me like a baby.

I remember Dr. Anjali cracking up a joke and making the atmosphere happy - while I was still semi conscious after the egg retrieval.

All in all an extremely personalized attention received – with a lot of precision and warmth.  No space for any stress or doubt.

THANK YOU Dr. Aniruddha Malpani,  Dr. Anjali Malpani and your entire team from the bottom of our hearts -for making our dream come true , literally! :) :)

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